The Maddest Story Ever Told: An Examination of Spider Baby

Merrye Maladies The Merrye Syndrome is a rare disease known only to afflict descendants of Ebenezer Merrye. An unfortunate condition developed from generations of inbreeding. Causing a mental regression and deformity, beginning in late childhood. It is believed the victim of Merrye Syndrome will de-evolve to a pre-human state of savagery and cannibalism. This ailmentContinue reading “The Maddest Story Ever Told: An Examination of Spider Baby”

Review: Kanye West – Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft & Joshua Chaplinsky/Donda Listening Party

The fictional character of Kurt Vonnegut, Kilgore Trout, was an unsuccessful sci-fi author. The origins of his fabricated misfortune started as a joke from one of Vonnegut’s editors, Knox Burger. Once suggesting that it was much more entertaining to hear the idea or pitch of a science fiction novel rather than actually read the finishedContinue reading “Review: Kanye West – Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft & Joshua Chaplinsky/Donda Listening Party”

St Rooster Books: Stranger With Friction 1 & 2

Tim Murr walks the path of most resistance when it comes to DIY publishing. Having debuted his first collection Destroying Lives for Fun and Profit over 25 years ago before founding St Rooster Books. Managed with his wife Stephanie, St Rooster Books regularly releases anthologies and horror novellas. Uplifting writers with a unique flair forContinue reading “St Rooster Books: Stranger With Friction 1 & 2”

Review: Kids of the Black Hole – A Punksploitation Anthology

My first introductions to punk rock were exactly as Tim Murr described them, “pink mohawked parodies on TV shows like Mama’s Family.” Or perhaps it was a young Johnny Depp “Speaker Diving” to Agent Orange on 21 Jump Street. The fascination with these cartoon portrayals led me to seek out other punks on film. LowContinue reading “Review: Kids of the Black Hole – A Punksploitation Anthology”

Review: Nick Shoulders “Home on the Rage”

Returning to social media with a “divorced” status is catnip to incels from high school and rando friend-of-friend fuck boys. This is how my quarantine started in spring of 2020. Messages from strangers wanting to get to know me better while simultaneously talking down to me about music. The only good thing to come ofContinue reading “Review: Nick Shoulders “Home on the Rage””

The Rise of the Drive-In Mutants

“We are drive-in mutants; we are not like other people.” In a small hotel conference room that stank of weed, a sea of right hands were raised in pledge. Some hands were parted as Vulcan greetings and others posed as devil horns. The audience was being sworn in by taking the drive-in oath. “As longContinue reading “The Rise of the Drive-In Mutants”

Bugger Banksy

When Exit Through The Gift Shop premiered at Chicago’s Landmark Theater, the city’s hipsterati were pissed into a frenzy when Banksy’s graffiti was discovered in quiet folds of the city. What followed in the summer of 2010 was the stress and congestion from gawkers trying to snap photos for social media. Debates of mural preservationContinue reading “Bugger Banksy”

The Scene That Would Not Die: 20 Years of Post-Millennial Punk in the UK

Punks of a certain age are nostalgia junkies in spite of what they may tell you. Fond of orating personal experiences of formative years regardless of creative inclinations. Others are record keepers, documenting their scene through a camera lens, fuzzy tape recorder, or Xeroxed fanzine. At the turn of the millennium, the manner of capturingContinue reading “The Scene That Would Not Die: 20 Years of Post-Millennial Punk in the UK”

Eulogy for a Dive Bar

It felt like centuries had passed by my cave before I emerged pale and pink-eyed fromwhiskey and song; but the outside world and everyone in it was just as disappointing as theyever were.Fuck this city.I traveled the endless cracked sidewalks of a shitty neighborhood, covered in smashedtequila bottles and pornographic chalk drawings. A salty shuffleContinue reading “Eulogy for a Dive Bar”

Hedge Riding the Sidewalks of Chicago

The grinding wheels of freight trains were haunting cries of ambient soundscapespolluted with graffiti. I watched them crawl along the horizon from my window with mypumpkin spice coffee as silhouettes of parking lot gulls weave across a grey sky on the morningof October first. Halloween season was here. The face of it has changed asContinue reading “Hedge Riding the Sidewalks of Chicago”