Oven Fresh Hell: The Relationship Between Pizza and Horror

February 9th is National Pizza Day and to celebrate, let’s get delivery and a rental. Little compares to the combination of pizza and a horror movie. Whether a Friday night-in or a Saturday sleepover, every weekend begs the addition of ‘za and a fright flick. A throwback to unsupervised youth on a Blockbuster night, stayingContinue reading “Oven Fresh Hell: The Relationship Between Pizza and Horror”

The Maddest Story Ever Told: An Examination of Spider Baby

Merrye Maladies The Merrye Syndrome is a rare disease known only to afflict descendants of Ebenezer Merrye. An unfortunate condition developed from generations of inbreeding. Causing a mental regression and deformity, beginning in late childhood. It is believed the victim of Merrye Syndrome will de-evolve to a pre-human state of savagery and cannibalism. This ailmentContinue reading “The Maddest Story Ever Told: An Examination of Spider Baby”

The Rise of the Drive-In Mutants

“We are drive-in mutants; we are not like other people.” In a small hotel conference room that stank of weed, a sea of right hands were raised in pledge. Some hands were parted as Vulcan greetings and others posed as devil horns. The audience was being sworn in by taking the drive-in oath. “As longContinue reading “The Rise of the Drive-In Mutants”