Review: Kids of the Black Hole – A Punksploitation Anthology

My first introductions to punk rock were exactly as Tim Murr described them, “pink mohawked parodies on TV shows like Mama’s Family.” Or perhaps it was a young Johnny Depp “Speaker Diving” to Agent Orange on 21 Jump Street. The fascination with these cartoon portrayals led me to seek out other punks on film. LowContinue reading “Review: Kids of the Black Hole – A Punksploitation Anthology”

Review: It’s Coming Up The Stairs

It has been almost 40 years since author Alvin Schwartz and illustrator Stephen Gammellreleased Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark and its sequels. That is 4 decades of kids givingthemselves the creeps with this compendium of legends and folktales from around the world.Accompanying Schwartz’s retellings of these historical stories are the charcoal and inkillustrationsContinue reading “Review: It’s Coming Up The Stairs”